Drone Buying has a gotten a bit complicated these days because of the numerous models and types out there in the market. Here are some factors prospective drone buyers should keep in mind before they spend their money on a particular drone model.

There are three types of drones available in the market depending on their use and purpose. The drones are basically categorized into camera drones, First Person View (FPV) or racing drones and toy drones. Buyers should first determine what kind of drone they want. Drones are not created equal. Some can be flown with ease while others require some serious amount of practice just to avoid crashing them. Veteran owners and users observed that the most expensive drones are the easiest to pilot while the cheaper ones are more difficult.

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Pocket Drone 2.4Ghz (Green)
Pocket Size designed: ultra mini size with the concept of lightweight.Headless Mode: avoids the diff..
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