There are lots of bogus definitions that eventually miss the point of this amazing toy. Basically, the fidget spinner is a type of low profile handheld fidget toys that allows you fidget without drawing attention to yourself or making a big scene. Designed with a stable middle and a disc with 2 or 3 paddles, a fidget spinner is much like a miniature ceiling fan… only this time your hand is the motor!

For all the relaxation and satisfaction that fidget spinners supposedly offer its enthusiasts, these devices were originally developed to aid students who have certain attention disorders such as ADD. Students with ADD are said to concentrate better with the fidget spinner occupying their hands. That, however, hasn’t stopped everyone else from jumping on the fidget spinner bandwagon as manufacturers now have to come up with varieties of the fidget product. The toy now comes in just about any color and finish you can imagine as well as custom add-ons and more.

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Fluorescent Fidget Spinner
Glow In The Dark fluorescent ---- High-end quality material, exquisite design, safe. Light, Waterpro..
Marvel Metal Fidget Spinner
Fidget SpinnerStressed? Bored? Feeling Anxious? This high quality fidget spinner might just be perfe..
Marvel Metal Fidget Spinner - Hulk
Fidget ToysHULK - The Green Giant Fidget Spinner Made with With High Quality Zinc Alloy Metal: great..
Premium Metal Fidget Spinner
This spinner toy is your perfect fun distraction at work or at school, while serving as a cool tool ..
Spider Metal Fidget Spinner
Fidget SpinnerMaterial: High quality Aluminium Alloy.longer spin time than the other cheap Zinc allo..
Two Side Metal Fidget Spinner
Fidget SpinnerWe all experience some form of frustrations, nervousness or anger in our daily lives. ..
Fidget Cube + Free Carry Bag
4 x 4 CM Fidget CubeReduce Stress, Increase Concentration, and Relieve Anxiety; a great idea for a g..
Fidget Spinner
Material: abs plastic, eco-friendly and ultra-durable.Mini size: small enough to carry in your pocke..
Fidget Spinner with LED Light
Shake and hit it,light up! Led light up 12 seconds average spins!led light fidget spinner, color opt..
Fidget Cube Bag
COMPACT – this is an excellent, compact package case to store and carry your fidget cube wherever yo..
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