While it can be said that the Australia electric scooter market is very much in its infancy, the birth, growth, and advancement of the electric scooter have been quite phenomenal. Patented in 1895, electric scooters have undergone remarkable innovations to batteries, aesthetics, ease of use and size to become a vehicle that can travel up to 20 miles per hour and can run 20 miles on a single charge.


We have put this post together to give our amazing readers (that’s you!) a concise article that holds the history of the electric scooter, why you should use the electric scooter as well as our electric scooter Australia selections!

Let’s get started with some history!

History of the Electric Scooter

The history of the electric scooter would vary across sections as the vehicle as it were in its early years was not patented until September 19, 1895, when a Mr. Ogden Bolton Jr. filed the very first patent for the electric motor scooter. Ogden’s patent showed the electric scooter design with an electric motor positioned on the hub of the back wheel. This motor was powered using a 10-volt DC battery connected to six poles that could take up to 100 amps.

However, there is no evidence that Ogden’s model was ever manufactured or even put to any use. In that sense, it could be said that Ogden simply had a patent but was not the inventor of the electric scooter.

Following Ogden’s patent, very little was done to advance the electric scooter until 1919, when Ransomes, Sims, and Jefferies, a British agricultural machinery manufacturer revealed a prototype of the electric scooter to the public. This design was quite different from the design Ogden patented as this one had its batteries under the seat and not the rear wheel hub. Sadly, despite its initially road-use approval, this design also failed as a result of several components malfunctioning during the trial stage.

The year 1967 saw Karl Kordesch invent a hybrid fuel-electric scooter. This scooter was able to travel up to 25 mph and had a 200 mpg range.

Auranthic Corp manufactured their version of the electric scooter in 1974 and called it the Charger. This model was able to travel 50 miles on a full charge with speeds reaching 30 mph.

Several companies tried to mass-produce the electric scooter for sale over time and encountered failure. This was until Peugeot released the Scoot’Elec in 1996. The scooter which found market success was powered using a nickel-cadmium battery which could reach 25 mph.

Today, the electric scooter and its market potentials have advanced far beyond what it was when Ogden made that first patent in 1919.

Benefits of the Electric Scooter

If you are thinking about getting a scooter, chances are that you are sitting on the fence between buying the push scooter or buying the electric scooter or even outright ditching both options and buying a bike.

So now, you are wondering which one you should buy!

Since you are here already, we would suggest the electric scooter – and here’s why!

As opposed to the more conventional method of getting a push scooter or a bike, the electric scooter is a faster way to get you from point A to point B and does not require a lot of effort like riding a bike. Not to mention that the most electric scooters are portable and foldable. So you can ride your electric scooter to work without showing up soaked in sweat like a bike would have you.

Thanks to its portable nature, storing an electric scooter is pretty easy. You could easily fold it up in your vehicle and pull it out for a ride around the park. The electric scooter would also save you money that would have been spent on gas.

But that's not all because the scooter is electrically engineered, riders who have suffered a leg injury can simply hop on the electric scooter and avoid putting any more weight on the injured foot.

There’s a plethora of functions that the electric scooter provides, all at a reasonable cost. If you'd like to see the electric scooter for sale on the market, check out our comprehensive breakdown below.

Electric Scooter Review

UberScoot 1000w

If you are looking for a one of a kind scooter with a 25mph top speed, a 4-6 hours charge time, 260 pounds load capacity and an impressive 10 mile per charge, then the UberScoot 1000W with 36V motor is the perfect electric scooter.

  • This bike is safer than most, thanks to its disc brakes.
  • Compared to competitor brands, this bike has a better speed
  • Quality build and low charge time
  • There could have been a better range

Razor E125 Motorized Scooter

With speeds reaching 10mph, this sleek Razor E125 is a sleek yet sturdy scooter for people who love style and durability as well. This electric scooter comes features a 12V battery system with a 12 hour charge time, 40 minutes of riding on a single charge and the ability to carry a weight of 120 pounds.

  • Easy to assemble and use.
    • Has to be pushed to 3mph to trigger the electric motor.
    • Battery dies too fast

SWAGTRON Swagger Pro

Whether you are a student or just a commuter, SWAGTRON offers you the foldable Swagger Pro which features a 250-watt motor, 5-18 mile range, upgraded mileage, fire-retardant air-tight housing and long-lasting batteries that can be charged within 1.5 hours

Final Thoughts: Electric scooters are both better for the environment and cost-efficient as they are completely 100% electric.

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