Best Hoverboards in Australia From Gear Force

Discover Australia's top hoverboards of 2024, offering superior quality, safety, and fun. Our selection features advanced self-balancing technology, durable builds, and long-lasting batteries. Perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. Shop now for the best hoverboarding experience!

Hoverboard For Kids

Experience the future of urban mobility with our best hoverboard for kids - Gear Force Hoverboard S9. This hoverboard is engineered for young adventurers, featuring cosmic LED lights that not only captivate but ensure visibility during nighttime rides.

Hoverboards Innovative and Superior Technology

6.5-inch wheels hoverboard with chunky, dependable tyres allow for super-smooth movement. Gyroscopic capability self balancing scooter with a 0˚ turning radius allows for on-the-spot spinning and insane manoeuvrability. It gives you a maximum velocity of 16km/h, with a safety alert when you exceed 12km/h.

Safe on the road

Dazzlingly bright LED lights on the wheel arches and the front of the hoverboards will really get you noticed when cruising at night. The lights are covered by a protective black rubber strip and shine through when the hoverboard is running. Textured foot plates give you superb grip so you can effortlessly showcase your agility and moves.

stylish design
with smart technology

ur hoverboard will make you the envy of your friends. The segway's futuristic looks are enhanced by the black colour and sleek contours, while the self-balancing hoverboard offers high performance with a number of innovative features. The hoverboard measures 584 x 186 x 178 mm.


4000mAH Top Power Pack


Bluetooth connectivity 


allows for music playback


Australian safety standards

Move like you’ve
never before






Max Speed



Tyre Size





Experience Hovering

Hovering your way through city roads or large indoor spaces had never been easier. The Hoverboard is a fun, new-age experience that you don’t want to miss

Transform Your Ride with the Futuristic Hover board

Experience the future today with the Gear Force Self-balancing scooter Hover board, the perfect hover board for kids and the next evolution in transportation. Combining the excitement of a skateboard, the ease of a motor scooter, and the unique sensation of hovering, our hover boards are not just fun, it's a revolutionary way to move. It's designed with kids in mind, making it a safe and cool option for young riders. Plus, for an added thrill, check out the Gear Force hoverboard go kart attachment. Transform your hover board into a go-kart for an entirely new riding adventure. It’s practical, it's cool, and it's the best way for kids to experience the joy of hoverboarding. Gear up for fun with the Gear Force Hover board.


Acceleration and Deceleration

The Hoverboard is controlled by two gyrosensors that make precise weight pressure calculations. Apply slight foward weight pressure to accelerate and backwards to brake or reverse.

Manuveuring and making 360° turns

With independant motors for each wheel, the Hoverboard is capable of making 360° turns on the spot. Apply additional weight pressure on either leg to manuveur and opposite weight pressure (see pic on right) for both legs to make a 360° turn.

Hoverboard Adventures: Joyful Riders in Action

Let's The Customer Speak For Us!

My daughter loves it - can't keep her off - worth the money
— Alan McDiarmid
easy to work and the smile on my daughter’s face was worth every dollar! 😊
— Daniel L.
This hoverboard is smooth, looks cool and my 8yr old son learned really quick!...
Bought this on prime day for a Christmas gift. I’m highly impressed. This hoverboard is faster than I expected. It lights up beautifully and has Bluetooth speaker wheels. My
— Kayla Williamson
My son is highly impressed and loves it! This is way cooler than those other hoverboards.
— Nick Boyer
The Hoverboard is sturdy and easy to balance on, and it is also a nice feature that it lights up and plays music!
— Amilie
My daughter absolutely adores it. The purchasing and delivery process was quick and easy. The scooter is easy to use.
— Helen Kinnane

Frequently Asked Questions About Hoverboards

What is the minimum age recommendation for riding a hoverboard?

The minimum age recommendation for riding a hoverboard is typically 8 years old. This guideline takes into account the necessary motor skills and balance abilities that are required to safely control a hoverboard.

Will my kids be able to ride the Hoverboard?

The minimum weight required is 20kg. Also, the Hoverboard can be easily manuvered by kids from age 12 and above.

Can the Hoverboard go over rough terrains and roads?

The Hoverboard is able to go over rough floor surfaces such as carpark floors. Road humps and small floor gaps are also no major issue. Hoverboards vary in their ability to handle different terrains. Basic models are designed for smooth, flat surfaces, while models with larger, more robust wheels are better suited for rougher terrains like grass or gravel.

What kind of maintenance do hoverboards require?

The battery plays a critical role in the operation of a hoverboard. To maximize its lifespan, always fully charge the battery before storing the hoverboard. If the hoverboard is not used frequently, make sure to recharge the battery every two months. This regular charging cycle helps preserve the battery’s health and prevents its gradual decline. Beyond battery care, hoverboard maintenance is fairly straightforward but essential. Regular tasks should include cleaning the device to keep it free of dirt and debris, ensuring the tires are adequately inflated if they are pneumatic, and checking for any loose parts that may need tightening or adjustment. This routine maintenance ensures your hoverboard remains safe and functional over time.

Can younger children, like 6-year-olds, safely ride hoverboards?

Yes, children as young as 6 can ride hoverboards. Thanks to their lower centers of gravity, young children can often maneuver them adeptly. However, it is crucial to ensure that the hoverboard is suitable for their size and weight, and they should always wear a helmet and other protective gear.

Are hoverboards safe for teenagers?

Hoverboards are very popular among teenagers and can be safe for them to use, provided they adhere to safety guidelines. Teens should wear helmets and protective pads and learn how to operate the hoverboard in a safe environment. They should also be aware of their local laws regarding hoverboard use.