The hoverboards, scooters, bicycles, and skateboards have been the fantasies of the childhoods of many. You may have heard of a similar thing recently, a segway board! Also known as the self balancing scooter, it is now incorporating the amazing features of the technology. Mini segway boards have great specifications and are available at an affordable price. Saying that it is a great fashion vehicle rather than just a regular transport device is completely acceptable. Enjoying your hands-free ride on the streets, you can have all the eyes on you.

A rover with two wheels, controlled by feet and portable, what else could you want? The hoverboard can be carried over the shoulders, isn’t it cool? Finely designed, you just have to put up a little pressure from your feet on it to accelerate. And there are drive motors present just below the foot that can be handled by foot to quickly apply brakes and take turns with ease. However there are a couple of types of mini segway boards available depending upon the weight, speed, battery and cornering degrees. A few of them feature LED lights, large wheels, and battery indicators. The other models come with built in Bluetooth speakers and also a remote to assist you in controlling the directions.


The hoverboard is considered safe. But of course, you should always wear a protective gear, especially a helmet to ensure double safety. You can speed up it up to 10 MPH not more than that if you are riding on a busy road. Charge it up to 2 hours and you’ll be good to cover a distance of at least 15 miles per charge. You would stumble here and there a little in the start but with practice, you’ll master it and could go up and down the hill too! It’s more than an adventurous ride for all the age groups. 


The innovative hoover boards is a complete powerful package that allows you to move here and there in style. The best part about it is that you can modify its setting to make it operate efficiently just like you’d like it to. Buy yourself this amazing machine and enjoy riding back and forth to and from your school and college. You might feel like you’re flying! 

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