Spider 10 - Carbon Fiber

$440.00 AUD $660.00

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OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: Spider 10inch off road hoverboard motions are power-driven by dynamic equilibrium that allows users to move forward and backward or spin to any direction easily, this is one of the best balanced board you can find in the market, created especially for kids  and young adults.

POWERFUL AERODYNAMIC DESIGN: This option comes in handy with a sleek aerodynamic design ‚Äď good speed and light-weight advantage that boosts its flexibility and motion, coupled with an acceleration sensor that helps to regulate every movement.

QUALITY CONTROL: it’s a user-friendly model, crafted professionally with premium-grade materials and support systems that help you gain control and enjoy a stable ride with the off road hoverboard; Going for this brand is a brilliant choice because they offer hassle-free and smooth riding experience.

SAFETY GUARANTEED:  our product corresponds with the Australia standard safety regulations and has passed through the IEC certification checks. We recommend that user should always use the proper safety gears before riding.