Handle Bar for Hoverboard

$29.00 AUD

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Compatibility: Suitable for 6.5 inch hoverboards and Spider 10 hoverboards.

Adjustable rod length: This handle stent can be adjusted from 56cm to 1075cm, making it very versatile. It is also elastic, and can be shortened to 50cm, making it highly portable.

Adjustable height: The handle stent is designed to be used by both kids and adults, and the height can be adjusted accordingly.

Function: The handle stent is not designed to control the direction of the self-balancing scooter. However, it is designed to help maintain balance while riding. It acts as a "pull" handle, similar to how you would drag your scooter when it is out of power. This makes it safer and more stable.

Package contents: 1 x Handle Stent (hoverboard not included).